Pioneer West Museum


Pioneeer West Museum Complex, East Side

Open: M-F 9-5p
Closed for Lunch 12-1


The Pioneer West Museum is housed in the old Reynolds Hotel that was built in 1925 and finished in 1928 by an attorney, Marion Reynolds. It was open approximately 50 years and housed many a weary traveler.


The museum has approximately 25 rooms and is filled with interesting items from the area's past.

"The museum focuses on the culture of the Great Plains Indians and even the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Apollo XII Moon mission in which Alan Bean, a native of Wheeler, was an astronaut. There are cowboy exhibits, pioneer weapons, a look at the nearby former United States Army base Fort Elliot as well as farm and ranch artifacts. On display are doctor and dentist offices, a general store, pioneer kitchen, schoolroom, and elegant parlor." -


Dedicated volunteers work on the museum and grounds to keep it beautiful year-round.

To schedule a field trip of appointment after hours, call: 806 256-3941