Public Services


During inclement weather, the community is equipped with tornado warning sirens that will sound in the event that a tornado is spotted and is on the ground. It sounds similar to the old War World II bomb shelter sirens. You may seek cover at the Church of Christ located at the corners of Wall and Laville Streets located here. If the siren sounds again, another tornado has been spotted. No all clear signal will be blown. It is up to you to determine when it is safe to leave the storm shelter.


In an emergency dial 911


City Hall

116 W 2nd Street


122 West 2nd Street

Fire Department

110 East 4th Street

Chamber of Commerce

105 E 12th

Shamrock Municipal Airport

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Shamrock Ambulance Service

1000 S. Main
Shamrock, Texas 79079
(806) 256-2136

Shamrock General Hospital

1000 S Main
Shamrock, Texas 79079
(806) 256-2114

Family Care Clinic

1010 S Main
Shamrock, Texas 79079
(806) 256-5148

Chamber of Commerce

105 E. 12th
Shamrock, Texas 79079
(806) 256-2501

Shamrock Post Office

210 N. Madden
Sharmock, Texas 79079
(806) 256-3521

County Star-News/Shamrock Visitors Guide

212 N. Main
Shamrock, Texas 79079
(806) 256-2070

Shamrock Public Library

712 N. Main
Shamrock, Texas 79079
(806) 256-3921

Pioneer West Museum

204 N. Madden
Shamrock, Texas 79079
(806) 256-3941

Court House - County

400 Main St
Wheeler, TX
(806) 826-5931