Fred Hargrove

Fred Hargrove

March 16th 2012 @ 6:30pm

St. Patrick's Day Kick-Off BANQUET

Shamrock Country Club
900 S. Wall Street
Shamrock, TX - 79079

Tickets $20 @ door

"Through countless hours in the saddle, raising cattle and horses, and managing the land, Fred has gained the knowledge needed to write and sing his original Cowboy Songs. He has been performing on stage since 1992. He has been a member of the Western Music Association, since 1996, and has performed throughout the United States. Even doing two very memorable shows in Longview, Alberta, Canada. He has traveled with Michael Martin Murphey, on what they called their "Lone Cowboy Campfire Tour", which started in the summer of 2005. Fred still Books, and Opens, many shows for Murphey to this day!"

"He now has four CD's available. "A Cowboy's Dream" recorded in 1996, and " Cowpoke Folk" recorded in 2006. These two albums contain all original material. The third CD, "Campfire Cowboy - Back to the Fire", was completed in 2009, and has five new originals, but also contains many of the cover songs that Fred has loved to sing for many years. Sixteen songs which include, traditional and contemporary Cowboy songs, a few Country tunes, and several Rodeo songs. His latest CD, recorded with Don Richmond, is getting RAVE reviews, among Western DJ's across the country. By far, his best recording to date, called, "My Sacred Ground". All in all, Fred hopes to continue singing about Agriculture, Ranching, and the Western Life he lives, as long as the Good Lord allows!" -